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Before you choose an attorney, see what 20-plus years of passion, experience, and creativity can do for you.  Any DWI is potentially winnable.  Even yours.  See me first or see me LAST, but at least come see me.  You owe it to yourself, because a DWI conviction is forever.

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Here's What you need to know:

Ten reasons to hire me to handle your DWI:

  1. I have a proven track record of winning DWI cases
  2. I have been defending and winning Dallas county DWI cases since 1987
  3. I am recognized by other lawyers as a leader in DWI defense.
  4. Fighting DWI's is a job for some lawyers. For me, it’s a PASSION. It’s what I do.
  5. I find creative new ways to win DWI cases, and I win breath test cases.
  6. Probation is for suckers. Probation is NOT an acceptable outcome to me.
  7. A Plea Bargain must be a true BARGAIN. If it’s not a bargain, why would you consider it?
  8. I can’t stand losing. Period!
  9. I can do more for less. Come see me. I can prove it to you!
  10. I fight almost every case. Even the really tough ones - ones that other lawyers won’t take to trial.

John Gioffredi is simply the best DWI attorney in the DFW area. I was arrested on an alleged DWI. I called a lawyer friend of mine to get a referral to an attorney who was an expert in these matters. Without hesitation, he gave me John's name. He said that he is the lawyer that lawyers go to. Not only is John very experienced, but he is extremely confident in what he is doing. While I took an extended period of time for my case to go to trial, he and his staff stayed in touch with me to update me on where things stood. When my case finally went to court, John was outstanding...outstanding to the point where both the prosecuting attorney AND the judge commended him on his representation. Fortunately, I was rightly found innocent of the charge, but win, lose or draw, I would still write the same. John Gioffredi is the very best DWI/DUI attorney in the DFW metroplex, if not the state. Highly recommend!