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Of course you do.  So do I.  To me, a successful DWI defense means that at the end of your case, the DWI is GONE.  Permanently erased from your record.  Like it never happened.  If you take a plea bargain for probation, the DWI stays on your record forever.  To me, that’s not acceptable, and that’s not getting the job done.


Success to me means that there is no record of your arrest whatsoever.  There is no record of your trial, and ALL copies of your fingerprints and mug shots have been destroyed or returned to you.  What copies and records, you ask?  The DA’s records, the county clerk’s records, the Texas DPS records, the FBI records, the CIA records, and the records of US Homeland Security. 

You probably had no idea that you were that popular with law enforcement, but you are - ever since you were arrested for DWI.  Copies of your file, including all of your fingerprints and mug shots, have been forwarded to all of those wonderful organizations, so that they can protect the rest of us from “people like you.”  Hopefully, no moron will ever pick your photo out of a line up and accuse you of some horrible crime that you didn’t commit, but you never know - stranger things have happened.  There are some very practical reasons why you will want those records gone - completely!


You don’t want your case pending for two or three years.  A pending DWI can keep you from getting a better job, or a promotion at work.  It messes with you emotionally.  I try to get DWI cases disposed of within 365 calendar days, if it is at all possible.  Some lawyers actually recommend delaying your case for as long as possible as a primary trial strategy, hoping that the arresting officer may transfer or retire.  That’s fine if it works (and occasionally it does), but usually it only prolongs the agony.

If there is a sound strategic reason to delay your case, for instance if the arresting officer is nearing retirement age, then by all means it may make sense to do so.  But to use delay as a primary defensive strategy in every single case is to me fairly ridiculous.  On the contrary, I try to push my cases to trial.  I have found that by continuously pressing the case forward, a significant number of my cases are dismissed either from the prosecution being unable present their witnesses in court on the trial dates, or sometimes by a speedy trial motion being granted by the judge.

I have beaten Dallas DWI cases in as little as four months from the date of arrest.  Justice delayed is justice denied.  If you have a winner of a case, let’s not beat around the bush.  Let’s win it!  You don’t want a DWI case beating you down for three or four years. And if for some reason we can’t beat your case, then let’s get it over with as soon as possible!  The last thing I want to do is to prolong your misery!  Who wants that?


There are lawyers in the Dallas area that charge $15,000 and more to defend a misdemeanor DWI.  A law license is a valuable thing, and a lawyer who can beat a DWI case is a valuable person.  But $15,000 or more to try a misdemeanor DWI is highway robbery, especially if the lawyer has less experience in defending DWIs and gets worse results than I do.

Most of my misdemeanor DWI trials are $10,000 or less, and none of them are over $12,000 (unless somebody wants to pay for some unusual extras).  My father was a factory worker for John Deere in a small town in Iowa.  We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, and I still appreciate the value of a hard-earned buck.  You won’t get ripped off here!

After being charged with DWI a few years back, an attorney friend of mine recommended John. He went on to say if he was ever charged with one in Dallas, John is who he would use. To me, this speaks volumes. I found John to be an extremely competent counselor and recommend him highly. Though I hope I am never again in the position to have to use an attorney for a DWI, if it is you in that position, John is your man.