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  1. Proven DWI Track Record
  2. 22 years of DWI Experience
  3. Leader in DWI Defense
  4. It's not a job, It's my Passion!
  5. Creativity in case defense
  6. Probation is not acceptable
  7. True Plea Bargaining
  8. I can't stand to loose
  9. We do more for less
  10. I even take cases that other lawyers won't!

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Firm Overview

At Gioffredi & Associates, we represent people charged with crimes or people who have traffic tickets in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including the counties of Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, Collin, Johnson, Ellis, Kaufman, Hunt, and Rockwall.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling criminal cases and deliver high quality criminal defense representation to all our clients.

We have two offices in Dallas and although we concentrate our practice on the counties surrounding Dallas, we would consider traveling elsewhere in Texas to handle a particular case. 

The philosophy of our firm is that in the majority of cases, there is very little to be gained by pleading guilty.  In most cases, we have found that the end result from going to trial is generally just about what it would be if a guilty plea were entered. Generally, if the plea agreement is THAT good, there is something wrong with the case and the state should be held to its burden of proof. Every case is unique, however, as is every client’s situation, and you should know that we will always act in your best interests.  But if you are simply looking for a quick guilty plea, we are probably not the right law firm for you.

Traffic tickets are an exception to this rule.   The main goal in a traffic ticket case is to keep it off of your record, and that is something that we can generally do better through a plea agreement.  Whether we get the ticket dismissed outright, or whether we work a deal to have you on probation or to take a defensive driving course, we will do everything possible to keep that ticket from appearing on your record.

We work hard for our clients – suppressing evidence whenever possible, getting charges dismissed when we can.  And then we prepare for trial – working up your defense and getting ready to present your side to the jury.  We will take you all the way through your trial and, if necessary, sentencing. We will answer your questions and give you the information you need to make the decisions in your case.

If you have been charged criminally, contact us to set up an initial consultation.  Let our aggressive, experienced, and reliable attorneys work for you!

Mr. Gioffredi helped me through the most stressful time of my life, dealing with a DWI. His professionalism, knowledge and honesty were greatly appreciated. His demeanor is calm, cool and collected. His assistant, Trish was very helpful, organized and informative. Mr. Gioffredi helped my brother get a legal issue resolved a few years ago with a not guilty verdict and I can thank him for the same. My family will continue to use Mr. Gioffredi for any legal matter we may face in the future. I highly recommend his services to anyone faces DWI charges, he is the best!!