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  1. DWI Proven Track Record
  2. 22 years of DWI Experience
  3. Leader in DWI Defence
  4. It's not a job, It's my Passion
  5. Creativity in case defence
  6. Probation is not acceptable
  7. True Plea Bargaining
  8. Can not stand to loose
  9. We do more for less
  10. Take cases that other lawyers won't

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Reference Material

We have written several articles to give you information about the criminal justice system in general and driving while intoxicated charges.  Please click on the following links to read the articles that interest you.

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Gioffredi & Associates has two offices in Dallas, allowing us to serve the counties of Denton, Collin, Tarrant, Dallas, Johnson, Ellis, Kaufman, Hunt, and Rockwall with their DWI needs. Gioffredi & Associates can handle your Dallas DWI with the expertise and professionalism you deserve. John Gioffredi has over 20 years of experience handling Dallas DWI cases, and prides himself on providing passionate defense at an affordable price.