John Gioffredi is simply the best DWI attorney in the DFW area. I was arrested on an alleged DWI. I called a lawyer friend of mine to get a referral to an attorney who was an expert in these matters. Without hesitation, he gave me John's name. He said that he is the lawyer that lawyers go to. Not only is John very experienced, but he is extremely confident in what he is doing. While I took an extended period of time for my case to go to trial, he and his staff stayed in touch with me to update me on where things stood. When my case finally went to court, John was outstanding...outstanding to the point where both the prosecuting attorney AND the judge commended him on his representation. Fortunately, I was rightly found innocent of the charge, but win, lose or draw, I would still write the same. John Gioffredi is the very best DWI/DUI attorney in the DFW metroplex, if not the state. Highly recommend!

Mr. Gioffredi helped me through the most stressful time of my life, dealing with a DWI. His professionalism, knowledge and honesty were greatly appreciated. His demeanor is calm, cool and collected. His assistant, Trish was very helpful, organized and informative. Mr. Gioffredi helped my brother get a legal issue resolved a few years ago with a not guilty verdict and I can thank him for the same. My family will continue to use Mr. Gioffredi for any legal matter we may face in the future. I highly recommend his services to anyone faces DWI charges, he is the best!!

John has handled traffic tickets for me more than 20 years. My experience has always been very good. While there is no guarantee that any case will be dismissed, most of mine have been dismissed. Since I can't seem to drive the speed limit, John has helped me maintain a clean driving record.

After being charged with DWI a few years back, an attorney friend of mine recommended John. He went on to say if he was ever charged with one in Dallas, John is who he would use. To me, this speaks volumes. I found John to be an extremely competent counselor and recommend him highly. Though I hope I am never again in the position to have to use an attorney for a DWI, if it is you in that position, John is your man.

John Gioffredi was phenomenal and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation! I went to several different lawyers looking for someone to handle my DWI case. Other lawyers were exorbitantly priced, rude, condescending, and vague about their expectations for my case.

I first called John's office on referral from a friend. His office said he was in trial, but promptly provided me with his cell phone number to reach him. John was able to meet with me the next afternoon and spent more than an hour and a half with me discussing the specifics of my case and the options available to me. He is clearly very experienced and was very patient explaining everything. John was a breath of fresh air after other lawyers had been impossible to get a hold of and shoved me out their door as soon as possible. Given his expertise I expected exorbitantly high fees, but his price was more than fair with no hidden or additional costs!

John was very dedicated in resolving my case and came out with an outstanding "not guilty" verdict. John always had a respectful demeanor in court and was easy going on a personal level. He made a brutal process much more bearable. Conversely, I've spoken with several other people who needed legal representation at one time or another and have not yet met one person who was satisfied with their lawyer. Most have terrible horror stories about their experiences and paid thousands of dollars for their disappointment. Don't make the same mistake they did and just settle for any lawyer!

Even the people in John's office were outstanding. They helped me out with a few unreasonable requests and were always kind and patient. Every time I called they knew me by name and were familiar with my case.

I've since referred John to my close friends who required legal representation. I have other friends who have used his services in the past and all speak very highly of him. I'm convinced that you simply cannot find more experienced, more knowledgeable, more fair and more dedicated representation in Dallas!

John Gioffredi himself has represented me twice to date in a trial setting where the outcome was a not guilty verdict.

The first was initially charged as assault on a public servant (cop) and resisting arrest back in 2003. The basic premise of this case was two cops, one from Dallas and another from Garland, who were both in the same car, what they referred to as a "ride along", tried to accuse me of attempting to break into my own car (wth?) When I started becoming a bit of a smart ass with the officers I ended up spending the night in a Garland jail with a fractured nose that was spewing blood and snot all over the place. Mind you, I was up against two cops with no video evidence of my innocence. They ended up dropping the assault on a public servant charge but proceeded to prosecute me with the resisting arrest charge. I called Gioffredi's office to see if he'd mind sitting down with me for a quick consultation. He agreed to meet me after he was through with court for the day. So I stopped by his office and we discussed the details of the case. He stated that resisting arrest is often little more than a bullshit charge, and that's exactly what it was. Fast forward 1.5 years. In the trial Gioffredi meticulously picked the testimony of both officers to pieces. You really have to see this guy work, it's pretty cool to follow his logic. The jury was convinced by his smooth and easy to digest explanation of the law and how it applied to the case. End result, Not Guilty! When the trial was over and I had my not guilty verdict in hand, Mr. Gioffredi even referred me to another attorney to handle the civil suit over the excessive force that the police officers used.

Throughout the years I've used Gioffredi's office numerous times for speeding violations and the like and have had great success. Once I even was given deferred adjudication probation for speeding in Rowlett, violated it by speeding in Rowlett again and was simply given more deferred adjudication probation. I'm telling you, this guy is insanely good at what he does.

Skip ahead to February 2009. I got pulled over for what the officers stated was a speeding violation. They said they smelled alcohol on my breath and asked me to get out of the vehicle. As naive as I could be I complied and began to take the field sobriety tests. If you've used Gioffredi for anything before, you'll know this is stupid because I blatantly disregarded the verbiage on the back of his card. Anyway, judging by the video I saw in court, I botched the walk the line test up pretty badly... in fact, instead of turning around I walked the line backward losing balance and using my arms to stabilize myself. From that test alone you'd have sworn I was hammered. I was arrested and transported to Lew Sterret where the officers attempted to get me to submit to more tests... at this point I started referring to the back of Gioffredi's card which I've had to use on numerous occasions for traffic violations. It basically says don't submit to the tests... no tests... no evidence, no evidence means not guilty. They just kept asking me to take more tests and more tests and reading from this checklist type sheet of paper as if they didn't hear or didn't care about me declining to take the tests. I became a bit of a smart ass again and spent the night in jail. I called Gioffredi's office up and arranged to go to trial. My license was suspended for 180 days for refusing to take the breath test or give blood but Gioffredi's office handled getting me an occupational license that would allow me to drive just about anywhere in Texas but only for 12 hours per day. I did get to split the 12 hours up however I wanted, but I had to do this in advance by creating a schedule of when I needed to drive. During the trial Gioffredi pulled out books and written sworn testimony from the cops and again began to pick their testimony to pieces. At one point in the trial, he actually had the Dallas cop of 20 years admit to performing the HGN (follow the pen with your eye) test improperly.

John represented me 5 years ago and I can honestly say I could not have chosen anyone better. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest and helped me make the right decisions. The implications of being convicted with a DWI are far greater than I ever imagined and can haunt you the rest of your life. Having an Attorney you can trust and rely on makes all the difference. I would definitely recommend John above all others.

I have used Mr. Gioffredi on a few occasions and have referred several people to him On each and every instance his firm did an excellent job, and obtained a favorable result. I would highly recommend him.

I hired Mr. Gioffredi in Feb. of this year for my 2nd DWI. (would have been 2nd) He was able to get it dropped. I am so thankful. A friend of mine talked to her lawyer-friend. This lawyer referred John and said that if it was his second offense then he would go with the best. John is very comfortable and confident. Hopefully I will never need to hire an attorney again but if I do, it would be John Giofreddi!!

I was referred to John by a friend who knows a few lawyers that have used John's services. So I said if other lawyers use John he must be good. I was not disappointed. He was very professional but down to earth. He always made me feel at ease and explained things so I could understand. His office staff was also a pleasure to work with. I would always receive letters with court dates and a follow up phone call a few days prior to the court date. I would refer John to anyone who needed a great lawyer.

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