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One of the most common mistakes a driver can make when receiving a traffic ticket is mailing a check and simply paying it off. That is the same as pleading guilty, which could mean points on their record and an increase in their insurance premium. Multiple points on their driving record could mean having their driving privileges revoked. 

Hence, If a driver receives a ticket, he must act quickly, and it must be taken care of appropriately. To have a higher chance of the ticket being handled successfully, he is going to need to hire a lawyer to navigate the system to help them get the best result possible. Knowing this, here at Gioffredi & Associates, we would like to present you with the most important advice when researching for Traffic Ticket Attorneys:


When getting a traffic ticket, many people think their only option is to pay the fine and let the ticket appear on their driving record. But most tickets can be handled so that they do not appear on the person’s driving record. When hiring an attorney, make sure the professional is familiar with the area in which you received the ticket. Lawyers familiar with the area where you received the ticket will have a better chance of fighting your ticket. There are justifications and defenses the lawyer is likely to know about and can better be of service to you.


Hiring an attorney for a traffic ticket is worth the cost for many people. In doing so, ask them to speak in plain language, not legal jargon. Most lawyers will offer a free initial phone consultation or even a visit. Take this time to size up the lawyer, and see what they have to offer, all while trying to establish a good rapport. At Gioffredi & Associates, we’ve fought every type of traffic ticket in the Dallas area over the past 30 years. If you get a ticket, hire us to keep your driving record clean.


At Gioffredi & Associates, we want to emphasize the importance of working with highly knowledgeable professionals committed to their clients. John Gioffredi has been helping clients win their DWI cases in the Dallas area for over 30 years. He has defended over 1,500 Texas DWI cases since 1987, winning over 300 not guilty verdicts and getting over 300 other DWI case dismissals. Ultimately, here at Dallas Law Attorney, Texas, we work hard to provide top-quality service, and we have three decades of experience to prove it.



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